Babies! Yuck!

It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board
CrossFit Open is starting Oct. 10th. Sign up here!
Nutrition Challenge starts October 14th. All the info click here!
Diaper WOD for Taylor Hoffman will be Saturday at 8 am!
Open workout 20.1 will begin Saturday. First heat is at 8 am. We will have breakfast! Sign up for food and the heat sheet! Hope to see you there!

Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend! Well this is the week. The open announcement for 2020 season will be here on Thursday! Hopefully you guys are excited! It should be a good time!

Keep in mind that we will be doing the open workout Saturday Morning! First heat will start at 8AM. The gym will be open around 7 AM so you can warm up as you need to. Make sure you sign up for a heat and also sign up for food as well! This weeks food is “Breakfast Burritos” so it should be pretty delicious so make sure you sign up for some stuff! Even if you aren’t going to do the open, (What the hell?? You should!!) come support everyone and hang out with this crew and eat some good food!

Along with the open workouts, if you cannot make it Saturday to do the workout, just like in years past we will also have the option of doing it on Monday as well, so no need to panic! You’ll get your shot!

Now the reason for this posts name. We will be doing a Diaper WOD for Taylor Hoffman. What is a Diaper WOD? Simple, you bring some diapers or baby wipes to the gym to help our Taylor who is pregnant with child #2. Super awesome way to help people out who will have these babies destroying diapers left and right. So if you are coming try and bring something to help her out!

We will be doing stuff like this more. I honestly had no idea this was even a thing until Tausha was pregnant and they did this for us at Wasatch. It’s a super awesome thing and it’s very helpful and appreciative as well!

MONDAY 10.7.19

A. “Hot Potato”
1000m Row
30 Power Cleans 185/125
Max Pullups
*Score is total pullups
RX+ Chest to Bar pullups
**8/28/17 Retest

B. Accessory
5 sets:
100′ RA Farmer Carry/LA OH Carry
100′ LA Farmer Carry/RA OH Carry
15-20 Hip Extensions