It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board
CrossFit Open is starting Oct. 10th. Sign up here!
Nutrition Challenge starts October 14th. All the info click here!
Diaper WOD for Taylor Hoffman will be Saturday at 8 am!
Open workout 20.1 will begin Saturday. First heat is at 8 am. We will have breakfast! Sign up for food and the heat sheet! Hope to see you there!

By 6:00pm tonight most of you will be a bit nervous to see what is in store from Dave Castro! I will be too, but it will still be a good time! Hopefully you’re signed up, if not make sure you do and sign up for a heat time and for some foot on Saturday!

I’ll just keep reminding you guys that we are doing the open workouts now on SATURDAY MORNINGS and not Friday nights. If you cannot make it Saturday you can do it on Monday but I would try and make it Saturday! It’s always a good time!

Today we mix it up a bit. We don’t do this movement often, because so many seem to struggle with it, maybe that’s why we should throw it in a bit more! We are all comfortable with toes to bar, but not so much with knees to elbows. Like it says in the video below, you have to go through a knees to elbows in order to do toes to bar.

But still people tend to miss actually touching their knees to their elbows. They get their knees up there, but it might hit their armpits or triceps more so than their actually elbows. Our challenge for you today is to actually get those knees to your elbows! If not don’t count that rep! Let’s see how legit we can be!

THURSDAY 10.10.19

A. Accessory
4-5 sets:
:30 Ring Support
15 Barbell Curls
30 Banded Tricep Extensions

B. “Disguise”
10 rounds for time:
5 Knees to Elbows
6 Box Jump 24/20
7 Kettlebell Swing 70/53
*12 Min Cap