That redo feel….

Open workout 20.3 will begin Saturday. First heat is at 8 am. We will have breakfast! Sign up for food and the heat sheet! Hope to see you there!
This weeks food is Cinnamon Rolls! Sign up for food and come hang out on Saturday!
There will be no PM classes for Halloween! Enjoy the Holiday!
We encourage everyone doing the Open on Saturday to dress up in a costume! Bonus points will be added to those doing the nutrition challenge!

To redo or not? That is the question. Unlike last week, this workout wasn’t nearly as bad. And with the movements being so small people tend to get out too fast on their pace.

If you are considering redoing ask yourself a couple questions. Would you change something? Maybe slower pace, break up reps sooner, maybe stick to a round every 1:15 or 1:30? Did you struggle with a movement? Double unders is usually the suspect? If you said yes to any of these then maybe a redo is a good idea.

If on the other hand, you wanted to redo but your idea is to just “go faster” that usually never works. If you are happy with your score then awesome! Make sure you submit them, don’t forget or all the effort for no reason!

And why not watch some fit people destroy the workout? Even though the buttery bro’s can be a little too much sometimes!

MONDAY 10.21.19

A. “Clean Engine”
50 Calorie Row
50 Box Jump Over 24/20
50 Ring Dip