Nov. 3rd marks year 7 of CrossFit Unknown being open. Thanks to all of you!


  • Open workout 20.5 will begin Saturday. First heat is at 8 am. We will have breakfast! Sign up for food and the heat sheet! Hope to see you there! We are also celebrating 7 years of CFU being open. Wear some CrossFit Unknown apparel on Saturday and try to show up at 8 am so we can take a group picture!
  • This weeks food is French Toast! We will have Kerry cooking, but we will have anything you guys want to bring. Bacon, eggs, hash browns, cereal, etc! Sign up for food and come hang out on Saturday!
  • It’s a new month. Our monthly focus is on gymnastic strength. Come up with a goal that is centered around gymnastic work!
  • Bring a friend day is this Thursday. All classes are free to try!

So today (November 3rd) is the exact date I opened up CrossFit Unknown back in 2012. We’ve been going 7 years strong thanks to all of you guys! Thank you for EVERYTHING! We’ve been blessed with an amazing community, coaches, friends and visitors! Thank you for helping us out and being the best members around. We truly appreciate and don’t think we can ever thank you guys enough. Just know that we truly appreciate all the love and support!

Normally we do a gym workout in honor of the yearly celebration, but since the open is going on that won’t be happening this year. We do however, want to celebrate! We encourage EVERYONE to come this Saturday! This will be a big party to celebrate not only the anniversary, but also the end of the open. If you plan on coming, wear anything that is CrossFit Unknown apparel and we’ll take a big picture! Try and show up around 8ish AM if you can! Hope to see you guys there to end the Open with a bang!

It’s a new month, and we always talk about goals on the goal board. We are actually going to change things up a bit. Each month we will have a “monthly focus” for the gym. Programming will be centered around that monthly focus. This month’s focus is on gymnastic work, mainly strict gymnastic work. You will probably see some more strict work in metcons or in our accessory work. This doesn’t mean we will miss heavy days or regular crossfit workouts. We will still have a good blend of fitness, this will just be our main focus for the month. So think of a goal that you’d like to achieve that center’s around gymnastic work and then lets get to work!

MONDAY 11.4.19

A. “Mind Games”
15 Snatch 95/65
15 Strict Handstand Pushup
Rest 1:00
15 Snatch 135/95
15 Strict Handstand Pushup
Rest 1:00
15 Snatch 155/105
15 Strict Handstand Pushup
Rest 1:00
15 Snatch 185/115
15 Strict Handstand Pushup
Rest 1:00
15 Snatch 205/125
AMRAP Strict Handstand Pushup

OR… 20.4