• Monthly Challenge is accumulating 600 pushups this month! Pushups in workouts count as well. That’s only around 20 pushups a day!
  • It’s a new month, we need goals on the goal board! This month we want you to think of a goal OUTSIDE of the gym to better yourself
  • Nutrition Challenge will start the 1st of March. Be on the lookout for it!

We don’t do split jerks a lot, so people tend to forget what we want to see in them. And since we don’t do them a lot, people really struggle with how it should look as well.

The video below gives you an idea of what we want to see, what you should be thinking about during the process of the lift, and how to fix some of the problems.

All of these things we see basically every time we do the split jerk. If you know you have a certain problem with the split jerk, lets say you struggle to get the front foot out far enough, then focus on that for the split jerk. That should be your goal and focus coming into the lift. Don’t worry about weight, but try and fix that problem.

Remember that not everyday has to be super heavy to get better. Moving better over and over again will increase your weights because you can generate more power and make the lifts “feel easier”. So come up with something you want to focus on for that lift for the day, and then come in and make that better. Don’t get sidetracked about lifting super heavy because someone else is. Stick to your plan, and overtime you will see MASSIVE improvements!


A. Split Jerk

B. “Chocolate Rain”
Handstand Pushup
Box Jump 30/24
*14 Min Cap