• It’s a new month, we need goals on the goal board! This month’s goals are all about recovery! Come up with something good and get to work!
  • Make sure you are keeping up on your Nutrition Challenge points! Keep in contact with your partner as well to keep them accountable.
  • Diaper WOD for Haleigh Saunders will be THIS SATURDAY at 8 am. Bring any diapers or wipes you can throughout the week!
  • If you want to see the Home Workout and record your score click here
  • If you want the Nutrition Challenge point sheet and record your points click here
  • Bring a Friend day is Thursday! ALL CLASSES ARE FREE!

Just wanted to remind those of you working out at home. Record your scores. Be part of the community. Just like we would at the gym and write down our scores. Do it on the google sheet. So far only 2 people have written scores. So that means a lot of you doing the nutrition challenge get no points since you didn’t workout because there are no scores. Write your scores, this will keep you accountable so you’re not just working out at home but actually “going through the motions”

This podcast seemed appropriate for what we are doing today. Who wouldn’t wanna listen to the worlds strongest man and then go and squat some heavy weight? Be advised, there is some cussing so be ready for it. Other than that, enjoy and hit it hard today!

TUESDAY 3.17.20

A. Back Squat

B. “On A Roll”
50/35 Calorie Bike (75/55 AD)
Max Front Rack Lunge Step 95/65
*Lunges are in place. Score is total lunges

Home Workout
A. For Time:
Russian Twists
Alternating Lunges
*Both hands must touch the ground on both sides for the russian twists (L+R= 1 rep)
*Lunges are stepping forward, back knee kisses ground each rep. Left + Right = 2 reps on the lunges.
*Scaled pushups may be on your knees

B. Cash out (if you have equipment)
Tabata wallball (can also sub goblet squat with KB/DB)
Rest 2 min
Tabata Wall climb
**Tabata is 8 rounds of :20 of work/ :10 of rest. Stay at the same movement for all 8 rounds, THEN rest 2 minutes and repeat