Grab some buddies and come workout!


  • It’s a new month, we need goals on the goal board! This month’s goals are all about recovery! Come up with something good and get to work!
  • Make sure you are keeping up on your Nutrition Challenge points! Keep in contact with your partner as well to keep them accountable.
  • Diaper WOD for Haleigh Saunders will be THIS SATURDAY at 8 am. Bring any diapers or wipes you can throughout the week!
  • If you want to see the Home Workout and record your score click here
  • If you want the Nutrition Challenge point sheet and record your points click here
  • Bring a Friend day is Thursday! ALL CLASSES ARE FREE!

We understand the craziness going on right now, but people are also mostly at home. Encourage some friends to come workout if possible! It is a great time to get their mind away from the world and relieve some stress.

Keep in mind we are keeping everything and clean as possible for everybody. And if that doesn’t work tell them we have Clorox wipes and toilet paper, 2 rare items!

Also Happy Birthday to Tausha! Thank you for all you do for me everyday 🙂 If you see her wish her a happy one!

THURSDAY 3.19.20

Bring a Friend Day
A. “Horizon”
For time:
21-15-9-9-15-21 Calorie Row
21-15-9-9-15-21 Abmat Situp
*100′ Farmer Carry after each set 70/53
RX+ GHD Situp
*17 Min Cap

B. Accessory
10 sets:
1 Turkish Get Up (each arm)

Home Workout
A. 5 rounds for time:
200m run (if not sure on distance do :30 out, :30 back)
25′ Burpee Broad Jump (measure out 25′, don’t assume)
15 Backpack Bent Over Row
10 Backpack Push Press
*Burpee broad jump the farther you jump = less you have to burpee. Don’t be that person that takes a couple steps forward each time. Where you land is where you drop down into another burpees. Demo for movements are below

B. Cash Out
3 sets:
1:00 Side Plank (left)
:20 Hollow Hold
1:00 Side Plank (right)
20 V-up or tuck-up
*Rest 2 min btwn sets

Talks about it how you can push press it after you clean it. Basically that is what we are looking for, keep it in front, push press it up