Greg Rahoi


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If you don’t know who the Texas Rattlesnake is, then you must be living under a rock. Stone Cold Steve Austin is probably one of the most famous wrestlers out then, next to maybe The Rock.

Either way he’s always a good story teller and despite these guys not being “crossfitters” you can still learn quite a bit from these guys. Not only them experimenting with dieting but training and lifestyle as well.

Either way I thought it was enjoyable and maybe you will too!?!?

THURSDAY 3.26.20

A. Front Squat

B. “Rahoi”
12 Box Jump 24/20
6 Thruster 95/65
6 Burpee Over Bar
*U.S. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Gregory J. Rahoi, 38, of Brookfield, Wisconsin, assigned to the Hostage Rescue Team, based in Quantico, Virginia, was killed on December 6, 2006, during a live-fire tactical training exercise at Fort A.P. Hill, near Bowling Green, Virginia. He is survived by his parents, Natalie and Richard, sister Teri, and fiancee Paula Paulk.

Home Workout
A. For time:
400m Run, 50 Backpack Swings
400m Run, 40 Backpack Swings
400m Run, 30 Backpack Swings
*If unsure on run, run 1 min out, and 1 min back

B. Cash out
DB Bench Press
Strict Pullup