• New month, we have a new challenge! This month’s challenge is accumulating 15,000 meters of running, rowing, ski erg. You can combine all of the meters!
  • This month’s goal is focused on this beautiful weather. We want you to come up with a goal to get outside once a week and do something active!
  • Bring a Friend Day is this Thursday! All classes are free to try!

Many people hate the overhead squat. I get it, it’s not the most comfortable position in the world. Not to mention if you struggle with any mobility, this movement tends to showcase all your weak points.

But isn’t that why we do it? To improve on those weaknesses? I mean, if you never did pullups you’d never do a pullup. At some point we need to just grind out these movements and learn to move as well as possible. Heavier loads isn’t always the answer to progress.

The video below just has some good points on the overhead squat and what we like to see. Always something to work on.


A. Overhead Squat

B. “Cookie Monster”
20-15-10 Ring Dip
10-15-20 Overhead Squat 95/65
50-50-50 Double Unders
*RX+ 135/95