Grab some friends and come workout!


  • New month, we have a new challenge! This month’s challenge is accumulating 15,000 meters of running, rowing, ski erg. You can combine all of the meters!
  • This month’s goal is focused on this beautiful weather. We want you to come up with a goal to get outside once a week and do something active!
  • Bring a Friend Day is this Thursday! All classes are free to try!

Grab some friends and come hit the workout! We love seeing new people in the gym!

If you have some time today, the podcast is worth the listen. I, personally didn’t know why everyone hated Dave so much. If you watch videos (granted you might have to binge watch a million of them like I did back in the day) you will notice how much Dave cares about CrossFit. I truly believe that no only the games, but a lot of the training department and what they teach and all that is responsible because of Dave. He cares more than people think he does.

This podcast gives me some hope, that everything will work out, for the better. That this change will be better than we ever could have hoped for. Hopefully this can make CrossFit even more open to the public and people won’t be as scared to try it!

Also, yesterday was Jared Anderton’s birthday and I forgot to announce it! If you see him wish him a happy belated one!


Bring a Friend Day
Teams of 2
A. “Don’t Ya Know”
10-20-30-40….Calorie Row
20-30-40-50….DB Walking Lunge Step
30-40-50-60….Abmat Situp
RX 50/35
RX+ 70/53 KB’s, GHD
**Rest 5:00**
10-20-30-40….Calorie Row
20-30-40-50….DB Box Step Up (1 DB)
30-40-50-60….DB Push Press
RX 50/35, 24/20