Happy Monday!


  • New month, we have a new challenge! This month’s challenge getting inverted. 1- Max HS Hold. 2- Max Strict HSPU. 3- Max Distance HS Walk (or 5 min practice)
  • This month’s goal is focused on nutrition. Come up with something to help you this month. Maybe it’s no grains, sugars, pop, cheat once a week, etc.

“I’m Working out but Can’t Lose Weight” by Kai Rainey

You’re getting the hang of this CrossFit thing.

You’ve been to several classes and you’re sleeping well, moving easier, breathing better.

You’ve learned the difference between an AMRAP and an EMOM.

If only the scale would move.

How can you do CrossFit—the hardest workouts on the planet—and not lose weight?

Here’s the answer: The foundation of CrossFit is nutrition.

Those bodies you’ve been admiring weren’t built just by burpees. They were molded by something far more mundane: high-quality whole foods in appropriate quantities. Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.

As much as you might want someone to lay out a meal plan for you and give you a list of what you can and can’t have, that method seldom leads to long-term weight management.

Trust me, I’ve tried all the plans. It wasn’t until I educated myself on what I was actually eating that I learned how to make adjustments and decisions that allowed me to achieve my goals. Once I was truly in the driver’s seat, things became remarkably easy.

Do you know what you ate yesterday? You might be able to recall with some accuracy your meals and snacks, but do you know exactly how much you ate? Do you know how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fat?

Try it. Just for a couple of weeks. Track everything and get a clear picture of what you’re eating.

If you’ve never tracked your food, it can be a bit time consuming in the beginning, but a couple of basic tools will shorten the learning curve. All you need is a food scale, an account on a site such as MyFitnesspal (the free version works just fine) and a commitment to recording everything you eat and drink. Every bite and every sip—at least for a while.

If you are overweight, you are probably eating more than you think you are. Portion sizes can be very deceptive. Just because it’s a serving to you doesn’t mean it’s the serving size listed on the package. You need to determine exactly how much you are consuming before you determine what you should be eating. For this reason, I recommend you just log your intake for the next 10-20 days. No changes. Just logging.

Don’t forget to include the condiments, the olive oil that you cooked your veggies in, the butter on your bagel, or the bite of Ben and Jerry’s you accidentally downed when you went to get ice. Don’t forget the calories you drink: juice, soda, alcohol. Measure everything, weigh everything. No judgment. Just….. continue reading here

MONDAY 7.27.20

A. Power Snatch
6-8 sets to find heavy complex:
1 High Hang + 1 Hang + 1 Floor Power Snatch

B. “Miami Vice”
7 Power Snatch 75/55
7 Box Jump 24/20
7 Hand Release Pushups
RX+ 30/24 Box or Ring Dips
RX++ Both