Seeing all those who somehow didn’t show up for the 5k…..


  • We will be having our annual Rees Pit Party on Saturday August 29th. From 3 till dark. We’ll have a sign up sheet for food. We’ll be cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. Hope to see you there!
  • Bring a Friend Day is Thursday! All classes are free to try!
  • It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!

Okay we’ve had some feedback on the date we picked for the Rees Pit Party. We’ve had quite a few people actually who said they wouldn’t be able to attend on that date.

Since we’ve had quite a few say that, we’ve decided to change the date, hoping this will help everyone show up a little more. The date is now on August 29th, which is a Saturday.

The time will be the same, we will go from 3:00 pm until dark! Once again, bring your friends, family, whoever you’d like to bring, the more the merrier! We will be cooking hotdogs and hamburgers and when it gets closer we’ll get a signup sheet at the gym for snacks, drinks, etc.

Hopefully with the change we can get a big group to come. We always appreciate the Rees clan letting us party in their spot. It’s always a good time so try and make it!

And it light of the workout we’ll be doing today, nothing better than watching some insane weight going up. Lasha finishes with 580 clean and jerk. I mean, I guess that’s heavy. Watch the video, notice his positions on the clean, notice how the bar stays close, notice is dip and drive on the jerk, his position in the catch of the jerk, etc. Learn from this and try to apply it to your lifts tomorrow! (clean and jerk is at 4:05)

TUESDAY 8.4.20

A. Clean and Jerk
20 Minutes to find a 1 RM
*2/25/20 Retest

B. “Stick Figure”
6 Burpee Over Parallette
9 Toes to Bar
12 Wallball 20/14
RX+ 30/20