Hump Day


  • We will be having our annual Rees Pit Party on Saturday August 29th. From 3 till dark. We’ll have a sign up sheet for food. We’ll be cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. Hope to see you there!
  • Bring a Friend Day is Thursday! All classes are free to try!
  • It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!

Another month has come and gone, time for some new goals on the goal board.

This months goal is all about body weight movements. We want you to come up with a body weight movement you want to improve on, and then actually start working on it.

Could be as simple as pullups, hspu, hs walking, muscle ups, etc. Spend 10 minutes, 2-3 times per week working on this and I promise you’ll get better. Simple ideas: 1- 3 sets for max reps. 2- Accumulate 50-75 reps 3- 20-30 Negative reps. 4- Every minute on the minute picking a certain number of reps.

These are just a few options, don’t be afraid to ask a coach for some more ideas and get to it!

Also, many might not know this, but this workout has be done before, in a regional setting. This is some old school stuff right here. Keep in mind the weight they did was 315/205 I believe. Granted Austin can deadlift like 600+ pounds but this is still pretty impressive, and basically 10 years ago too!

It’s Ryder Lish’s birthday! If you see him wish him a happy one!


A. Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
Max Chin Over Bar Hold (:01=1 rep)
*50′ Sled Push after each set (AHAP)

B. “Sugar Daddy”
Deadlift 225/155
Box Jump 30/24
RX+ 275/185
*10 Min Cap
**6/7/19 Retest