• We will be having our annual Rees Pit Party on Saturday August 29th. From 3 till dark. We’ll have a sign up sheet for food. We’ll be cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. Hope to see you there!
  • It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!

Reminding you all that the Pit Party is this Saturday from 3pm until dark! We’ll have a sign up sheet at the gym to bring some snacks and stuff. We’ll be having hotdogs and hamburgers!

Bring family, friends, anyone you’d like. Keep in mind that if you’re bringing kids you will have to bring them life jackets! Also keep in mind you’re responsible for whoever you bring! Hopefully we can see a lot of you there! It’s always a good time!

Here are the directions to the pit:

Directions: Travel on I-84 and take ranch exit #106, turn south onto gravel road through fields. Stay on gravel road and go over the river (on the bridge), immediately after bridge turn left, stay on gravel road until a slight turn to the left, stay left and stop at pit.

TUESDAY 8.25.20

A. “Dark Place”
For time:
10-8-6-4-2 DB Box Step Overs
15-12-9-6-3 Burpee
20-16-12-8-4 Calorie Bike
RX 24/20 Box, 50/35 DB’s
*Ladies bike 15/12/9/6/3 Calories
**15 Min Cap

B. Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
5 Strict Handstand Pushups (add def. if need to)
20-30 Banded Tricep Extensions