• It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!
  • Bring a Friend Day is Thursday. All classes are FREE to try!
  • Labor Day Schedule: Monday, 9/7/20 we will have 1 class at 8 am!

Just so everyone is aware, Monday 9/7/20 we will only being having 1 class at 8 AM since it’s Labor Day.

We also know how a lot of people are out of town, we will also be posting some workouts you can do on the road if you want to as well. Either way we hope you enjoy the holiday and stay safe out there!

Figured this video would be enjoyable, watching these insane strong dudes bench 225# like it’s nothing. No matter how strong you ever feel, there is always someone stronger!

TUESDAY 9.1.20

A. Gymnastic Strength
100 Ring Pushups
100 Ring Rows

B. “Touch The Sky”
For time:
400m Run, 30 Bench Press 155/95
400m Run, 20 Bench Press
400m Run, 10 Bench Press
*15 Min Cap