Team Saturday


  • Nutrition Challenge has officially begun! You can find more info by clicking HERE. Make sure you’re keeping up on your points!
  • Any new person who signs up gets 80$/month for 90 days. If you refer them you get 30$ off your membership!
  • Halloween Throwdown will be happening on October 24th! Sign up on the sheet in class!
  • Halloween Throwdown workouts have been announced! Check them out here! Halloween Throwdown Workouts

Try to come in a hit a workout before you start the weekend off right. You’ll be happier that you did!

SATURDAY 10.10.20

Teams of 2
A. “Crowded Room”
40 Calorie Row, 50 Pullups
40 Calorie Bike, 60 Pushups
40 Calorie Row, 70 Toes To Bar
40 Calorie Bike, 80 Double Unders (each)
RX+ Chest to Bar Pullups