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They’ll be doing a retest of one of the most dreaded workouts at the 2009 CrossFit Games. I’ve actually asked a few people at certifications and at the CrossFit Games if this workout was actually that bad and every one of them said it was the worst workout they’ve ever done.

So in true Castro fashion, he decided to make it a bit longer, what a nice guy. In the analysis video it actually doesn’t look that steep. There is a point where he tells you where the old finish line from 2009 was. After you watch that video, then go to the 2009 video and tell me it is not one steep puppy. Should be a nasty one to watch, but also amazing. All about will and how bad they want to hurt. Glad we don’t have to do it!

The 2009 event is one of my favorite to watch as weird as that sounds. I just love the old school CrossFit where people would kill themselves to be first in their heat. People just loving the grind and the pain.

THURSDAY 10.22.20

A. “Sleepy Hollow”
For time:
400m Run
30 Overhead Squats 95/65
400m Run
30 Front Squats
400m Run
30 Back Squats
RX+ 95/65, 115/80, 135/95
*16 Min Cap

B. Gymnastic Strength
3:00 Ring Support
*Every break do 20 Barbell Curls