• It’s a new month, we need new goals on the goal board!
  • Bring a Friend day is Thursday! All classes are free to try!
  • For the month of January we have our referral deal going on! You refer a friend to sign up, you get 40$ off gift card!

The new year is upon us! We have some great things in store for 2021 and we’re excited that you guys are along for the ride! Thank you for the support during the chaos of 2020! We’d be lost without you guys! Just know we are extremely grateful and we hope 2021 is the best year yet!

We’re jumping back on the bus with our monthly goal board! So we need you guys to come up with a goal for the month of January! We’re centering the goal around anything nutrition!

Now, when we do something like this for a goal, we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS see people who just write “lose 10 pounds”. That’s great and all, but how are you going to do that? Just writing that doesn’t really give you a plan. Instead we want to think about things we can check off a list each day to get us closer to “losing 10 pounds”. Something like veggies with every meal. No soda on weekdays. 1 Cheat meal a week. Go out to eat once a week. Etc. These are just some ideas for you.

Maybe your goal isn’t even to lose weight, great! Maybe you’re goal should be more centered around eating healthier meals. Maybe it’s making your own food. Food prepping. Eating fruits and veggies daily, etc. Come up with something that will work for you and get after it.

You see this all the time, people have these huge goals for the new year and fall off in a couple of weeks. It’s because they’re not realistic or consistent with the goals. They pick something too hard out of the gate. Remember that simple goals can be met, and when they are met you improve. Be realistic with yourself and what you will actually do.

We posted this on the facebook page, but we wanted to do it here as well. Since it’s the new year, maybe you might know someone wanting to try out CrossFit. We’ll be doing this deal for all of January. If any of you refer anyone to the gym, and they sign up, you’ll get one of these gift cards!

MONDAY 1.4.21

A. “2021”
For time:
20 Thruster, 21 Calorie Row
20 Power Clean, 21 Calorie Row
20 Front Squat, 21 Calorie Row
20 Push Jerk, 21 Calorie Row
20 Calorie Bike, 21 Calorie Row
RX 135/95
*25 Min Cap

B. Cash Out:
50-75 GHD Situps