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  • Sign up for the open!

The sign up for the Open is officially live! You can register and sign up at This year is actually pretty sweet than in years past. They’ve made some well needed improvements that were a long time coming that actually makes people excited again and want to work hard!

From CrossFit HQ:

After a difficult year for affiliates and members around the world, the CrossFit Open kicks off a new season of hope and opportunity. The three-week competition will run from March 11-29 and will be CrossFit’s most accessible Open ever, providing options for you to train your members for either in-gym and at-home workouts, with or without equipment. This year’s Open also will mark the return of the Affiliate Cup, new adaptive divisions, and the best opportunity in history for members to advance to the next stage, as the top 10% of competitors and 25% of teams on each continent will qualify for a new online Quarterfinals hosted in local gyms. 

Hope you guys are excited for it! And probably the biggest bonus is it’s only 3 weeks instead of 5 weeks! Greatest news of all time!

MONDAY 1.11.21

A. Gymnastic Strength
4-5 sets:
10-15 Ring Row
10-15 Ring Pushups
*Both as hard as possible

B. “Stop Sign”
10 Bench Press 155/95
15/12 Calorie Bike
RX+ 20/15 Calorie Bike