Josh and Dallas


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Today’s workout is a bit of a twist on an old open workout from 2013. I believe in 2013 was the first year they actually did live announcements. Before then you would just have to go to and figure out what you were doing for the open. Oh how times have changed!

I also believe in 2012 for the CrossFit Games open they had us do 7 minute AMRAP of max burpees. And then later we did a 10 minute AMRAP of snatches, 30 reps each, building in the loads. So in 2013 for 13.1 they decided to combine both of them together for one horrible workout. I remember this workout and it was horrible way back then. Back when 165 was 1 million pounds to 90% of people doing CrossFit and not as easy as all these freak athletes make it look now! The glory days for sure!

I mean even check out how old-school the live announcement is. It’s come a long way!


A. “Gone”
20 Min AMRAP:
20 Burpee Box Jump 24/20
30 Snatch 75/55
20 Burpee Box Jump
25 Snatch 135/85
20 Burpee Box Jump
20 Snatch 165/105
20 Burpee Box Jump
Max Reps Snatch 205/115