• We need new goals! Pick a movement you’d like to get before the open and start working on it!
  • The open is 2 weeks away! Sign up for the open! open.crossfit.com.
  • You can take the Judges Course HERE. We will reimburse you for it! We will need help with judges!

Just figured I’d make a post and talk about the plan for this years open and get you guys ready for it!

So here is the plan, it’s 3 weeks long. The first “Friday Night Lights” will be on March 12th. We will go at 5 pm, we’ll have a heat sheet like we’ve always done and you will sign up for a time to workout. The plan is we will be combining gyms for the “Friday Night Lights”. I thought this would be pretty fun to get to know more people, and also having more people going at a time makes it more fun to workout and push harder!

The plan is week 1 and week 3 we will do this at the Kaysville location. Week 2 will be in the Morgan location. Yes, I know traveling to Kaysville twice seems like a bummer, but the reason I did this was because it’s a bigger space. And will 2 gyms now doing it instead of 1, I figured a bigger space would help us get more people in heats so it wouldn’t take all night getting everyone in.

As we’ve done in the past, we will have the Open workout be the class workout for Friday. Now, we encourage you to wait and workout Friday night for Friday Night Lights, but we get it that life happens, so if you cannot make it to Friday night, you can do it for any other class that Friday, we will also have a retest/first time option to do it the following Monday as well if you couldn’t get to the gym Friday. If you cannot workout Friday night we would still encourage you to come hang out and cheer people on.

With this new format of the top 10% moving on to the next round, we have a few people who have a good chance of doing that, so the more people to come and workout and cheer them on, the better they can push it and hopefully make it into that top 10%!

As for food, we’ll do what we’ve always done. We’ll have a potluck style food, sign up for stuff and then bring it to the gym and we’ll eat. Bring friends, family, whoever you want! The more the merrier! We always try and make this a big deal and super fun so we hope you all can make it!

With more people in each heat, we need judges to help us out! You can take the judges course here. It’s only 10$ and we will reimburse you for taking it. We need all the help we can get, and more judges makes our life easier. So take the course if you can, regardless if you can come on Friday Night’s or not. Most likely we need judges for AM classes as well so the more the merrier!

And of course, we encourage you to sign up for the Open! And before you say you don’t care, I get it. If you’re doing this for fun, why sign up? Well, I believe we all need a push in life. If you sign up for something, chances are you work harder because of that. Whether it’s a 5k, nutrition challenge, book club, etc. If you sign up for something, you dedicate more time to that. And sometimes people need a push, so why not sign up? Why not push harder than you normally do? Why not work on weaknesses so you can hit a pullup or toes to bar or muscle up in the open? This is why we workout hard everyday, to do things we couldn’t do! To get PR’s or hit a pullup or handstand pushup or whatever! So I encourage you to sign up, I promise I’ve seen more people PR and do things they never could do in the class, just because they pushed harder and had people cheering them on! You won’t be sorry!

TUESDAY 2.23.21

A. “Rag Tag”
12:00 running clock for max reps:
3:00 Ring Dip
3:00 KB Front Rack Lunge Step (AHAP)
2:00 Ring Dip
2:00 KB Front Rack Lunge Step
1:00 Ring Dip
1:00 KB Front Rack Lunge Step

B. Accessory
5 sets:
25-50′ HS Walk
100′ Farmer Carry (AHAP)