Looking forward to the weekend


  • We need new goals! Pick a movement you’d like to get before the open and start working on it!
  • The open is 2 weeks away! Sign up for the open! open.crossfit.com.
  • You can take the Judges Course HERE. We will reimburse you for it! We will need help with judges!

I know this video isn’t really an open video, but it’s still good. Yes it’s 2 hours long, so might have to take the day off to watch it, but it’s pretty enjoyable.

Back when Regionals went on it probably inspired people more than the open or games did so sometimes it’s nice to see what’s behind the scenes and maybe this will give you some motivation to sign up for the open and get ready for it!

FRIDAY 2.26.21

A. “Falling Apart”
For time:
20 Overhead Squats, 30 Pullups, 40 Shoulder to OH 95/65
30 Front Squat, 30 Pullups, 30 Shoulder to OH 115/75
40 Back Squat, 30 Pullups, 20 Shoulder to OH 135/95
*25 Min Cap
RX+ 30 Chest to Bar Pullups