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Yes, I’m sure you’re sick of me telling you that the Open is next week. But, regardless of how sick you are of it, I probably won’t stop doing it!

Some people like to try and change things up right before something big. Maybe a new pre workout? Maybe new warm up or stretching routine? Maybe a new diet?

Sometimes those things can be good, but sometimes they can be bad as well. If you’ve been doing something consistently, then changing right before something big might not be the best idea. The video below talks about nutrition and prepping for the open. What to do, and what you shouldn’t do leading up to it. Some solid advice in there! Worth the listen!

It’s Makayla Gubler’s birthday! If you see her wish her a happy one!

TUESDAY 3.2.21

A. “Strict Lynne”
5 rounds for reps:
Max Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Strict Pullups
*Rest 3:00 btwn rounds
**1/17/20 Retest