• We need new goals! Pick a movement you’d like to get before the open and start working on it!
  • The open is 1 week away! Sign up for the open!
  • You can take the Judges Course HERE. We will reimburse you for it! We will need help with judges!
  • This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day and all classes are FREE!
  • Our new “Legends” and “Beginner” Classes start this week! If you know anyone who is interested let them know!

Grab some friends and come hit a workout today! We love seeing new faces in the gym, try and get some people in here!

And apparently I didn’t post the video from Thursday on the podcast about nutrition before the open so here you go!


Bring a Friend Day
Teams of 2
A. “Last Resort”
3 rounds for time:
50/40 Calorie Row
50 Abmat Situps
50 Box Jump Over 24/20
50 DB Hang Power Clean (AHAP)
RX+ Toes to Bar
*30 Min Cap