Doing the splits


  • Bring a Friend Day is this Thursday! All classes are FREE!

Well this is it, last chance for you to hit the open workout before it closes. Maybe you want to try and retest and see if you can improve? Or maybe you’ve just waited until the last day to get the workout in, either way good luck!

Thank you to all of you that helped out, brought food, cheered, judged, cleaned up, took pictures, etc throughout these 3 weeks. It is a very stressful time for me, and I really hate the open, but Friday Night Lights makes it all worth it! We wouldn’t be able to do this stuff if it wasn’t for you guys being such an awesome community. We are so grateful to have you guys as our members and you are the reason we enjoy what we do so thank you!

Also congrats to all of you that did the open! Hopefully you did something you never thought you could, pushed harder than you ever would, and maybe even found a weakness you want to work on for the next year. It’s what the open is all about!

The score aren’t officially in yet, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a few people make it into that top 10 percent mark, where they go into the next round. Once we figure out for sure who is in we’ll announce it to you guys and you can come cheer them on when they do Stage 2 of the open!

If you wanna see some elites hit the workout, here’s a little dose below!

MONDAY 3.29.21

A. “Cannonball”
20 Min AMRAP:
400m Run
40 Alternating DB Snatch 50/35
20 Box Jump Over 30/24

B. Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
:20-:30 L-sit
25-50′ HS Walk