Yes, the open is officially over with! But it’s still impressive to see freak elite athletes do the workouts we did as well, and watch them make it look so easy it’s insane. Always impressive what these guys can do.

And speaking of impressive, still getting a for sure but I believe we have some people from BOTH GYMS that are moving on to the next round! That is pretty awesome! As soon as we know for sure we’ll announce and let you know when they are doing the next stage of workouts so we can get some support for them!

FRIDAY 4.2.21

A. “Regulate”
4 rounds:
3 Min AMRAP:
300/250m Row
10 Handstand Pushups
Max Power Cleans 135/95
*Rest 2:00 btwn rounds
RX Add 10/5 each round
RX+ 135/95, 155/105, 185/125, 205/145