Feeling after Easter weekend


  • It’s a new month, it means we need a new goal on the goal board! The open is over with and we’ll be doing a nutrition challenge starting in May, so the focus this month is Nutrition.
  • Now that the open is over we have a monthly challenge, this one is simple- 5 Min AMRAP: Max Goblet squats 53/35
  • The Quarterfinals are this weekend. Come support Tausha, Boston and Chans if you can, they’d love some cheering!

Now that the dust has settled, we actually have quite a few people who will be doing the next stage after the open, the Quarterfinal!

There is 2 different groups doing them, we’ll list everyone below. The first group will be going this weekend, and they were the top 10% from the continent of North America. They’d love some support if you could come cheer them on, we’ll try and announce times they’ll be working out when we know, and heck if you want to do the workout with them, they’d love that too! They’ll be working out from April 9th to April 11th.

The second group was top 10% worldwide, in their age group. They will be going later, from May 7th- May 10th. Once again we’ll remind you guys when they will be going, and they’d also love some support as well!

We have 13 people from both gyms, that’s pretty awesome and great job to everyone!

Men: Boston Saunders, Chans Porter, Jared Anderton, Joe Rees, Chris Wilkinson, Jared Robbins, Tyson Love, Jared Flint

Women: Tausha Porter, Tiffany Adams, Tara Hammer, Dava Jensen, Monie Riddle (still figuring out Monie, she was right on the line!)

Once again, I’m sure these guys would love some cheering on and we’ll let you know when they’re going and all that so stay tuned! When we know, you’ll know!

MONDAY 4.5.21

A. “Hard to Forget”
For time:
20 Burpees Over Bar
30/21 Calorie Row
40 Power Snatch 75/55
*10 Min Cap

B. Gymnastic Strength
3 sets:
10 Muscle Up
20 Strict Handstand Pushups