• It’s a new month, it means we need a new goal on the goal board! The open is over with and we’ll be doing a nutrition challenge starting in May, so the focus this month is Nutrition.
  • Now that the open is over we have a monthly challenge, this one is simple- 5 Min AMRAP: Max Goblet squats 53/35
  • Nutrition Challenge begins May 3rd! 8 weeks long, partner style. You can find more info about the challenge HERE. You can find how we will keep track of points, figuring out your numbers and so on HERE.

Testing out our 1 rep max Front Squat today. It’s been awhile since we done this one so it will be fun to see how we’ve improved!

And as always, you can watch the freaks of the sport do this and lift insane amounts of weight. And the sad part it, most of them have probably gotten stronger so they can lift more than this too.

TUESDAY 4.27.21

A. Front Squat
20 Minutes to find a 1 RM
*9/30/20 Retest

B. “Back In Town”
8 Min AMRAP:
10 Ring Dip
20 Wallball 20/14