• New monthly challenge! Max Bar Hang! Jump on the bar, and hang on as long as you can. Longest time held on the bar will be the winner!
  • Month Goals! This month is centered around a gymnastic movement you’d like to improve on! Write it down, spend 2-3 days a week working on it!
  • Make sure you’re keeping up on the Nutrition Challenge! Info about the challenge HERE. You can find how we will keep track of points, figuring out your numbers and so on HERE.
  • Weekly Nutrition Challenge- Eat veggies for 3 meals each day! Max of +3 points a day, +1 for each meal you eat with veggies!

It’s a new month, and that means we have a new challenge and some new monthly goals!

Before we get to the new challenge, congrats to Quinn Toone on winning last months challenge of 5 min AMRAP of max strict pullups! The challenge this month is super simple, one that everyone can do. Max bar hang. That simple. Jump up, hang on to the bar for as long as you can before you have to let go! Rogue fitness actually did this as a challenge a few months ago and the times were INSANE. Top dudes time was 20:21 and for ladies it was 9:14. Crazy stuff, how close can you get??

Our goals for this month is one we like to do every couple of months. Pick a gymnastic movement you struggle with, and spend 2-3 days a week working on it. Could be as simple as 5-10 minutes each of those days. Any gymnastic movement works here, you could work on kipping or strict, or maybe progressions to get you towards the RX movement. When doing this don’t just think about doing reps over and over again but think about all the pieces to the movement.

For example, if I was going to pick pullups as my movement, I would just do pullups 2-3 days a week. Think bigger picture here. I could do tempo work, holds with chin over bar, strict work, banded work to failure, ring rows, bent over rows, anything pulling here. All these will help you with pullups, instead of just doing pullups over and over again. Hope this helps!

TUESDAY 6.8.21

A. “My Kinda Livin”
20 Min AMRAP:
40 OH Walking Lunge Step 45/25
30 Toes to Bar
20 Wallball 20/14
10 Burpees to Plate