• New monthly challenge! Max Bar Hang! Jump on the bar, and hang on as long as you can. Longest time held on the bar will be the winner!
  • Month Goals! This month is centered around a gymnastic movement you’d like to improve on! Write it down, spend 2-3 days a week working on it!
  • Make sure you’re keeping up on the Nutrition Challenge! Info about the challenge HERE. You can find how we will keep track of points, figuring out your numbers and so on HERE.
  • Weekly Nutrition Challenge- Eat veggies for 3 meals each day! Max of +3 points a day, +1 for each meal you eat with veggies!

Video from the legend Adrian Bozman on some pistol variations. Obviously there are many more, but here are some of the main ones. If you feel you’re good at pistols, maybe try one of these today to make it a little harder for yourself, see what you can do!

FRIDAY 6.11.21

A. Gymnastic Strength
5 sets:
10 Alternating Pistol (add # if possible)
20 Hip Extensions

B. “Bumpy Road”
2 rounds for time:
15 Front Squat 185/125
400m Run
*12 Min Cap