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We post quite a bit about different type or lifestyles for diets to choose from. Haven’t done much on paleo and .com recently posted this so figured it would be a good one to put here.

In a sense people think of paleo diet as “low carb”. I would say it’s low carb compared to what a normal person would eat on a daily basis. I wouldn’t say that if you are doing crossfit you should shoot for very low carb intake. At some point you need energy to bring intensity and intensity gets you results. But as you can hear he talks more about grains and all of that is the “high carb” and not really the fruits and veggies what we should be eating anyway. Hope you like it!

TUESDAY 10.13.20

A. “Friday the 13th”
5 rounds:
3 Burpees
5 Toes To Bar
7 Wallball 20/14
*Rest 1:00 btwn rounds
RX+ 30/20 Wallball

B. Accessory
5:00 Sandbag Hold (bear hug, AHAP)