• Nutrition Challenge has officially begun! You can find more info by clicking HERE. Make sure you’re keeping up on your points!
  • Any new person who signs up gets 80$/month for 90 days. If you refer them you get 30$ off your membership!
  • Halloween Throwdown will be happening on October 24th! Sign up on the sheet in class!
  • Halloween Throwdown workouts have been announced! Check them out here! Halloween Throwdown Workouts
  • 3 month goals, get them on the goal board and start working on them!
  • No Saturday Classes because of the Halloween Throwdown!

The Halloween Throwdown is this Saturday! In the link below we have the teammates that you’ll have on your team! We tried to make the teams as even as possible. Now next to their name is their phone number. So now you can communicate with your teammates and come up with some good costumes!

Sorry this took so long, we still had people signing up and people wouldn’t know if they’d be able to or not until Saturday because of little league football. But we should be rolling now!

Just keep in mind your costume ideas should work for all 3 of you. Meaning you could use things like: Mario, Luigi, Princess peach, Avengers, 3 Old People, Rock-paper-scissors, etc. Come up with some good stuff! Hopefully we can see you there!

Just know you should be able to wear your costume throughout the entire Throwdown! Should be a good time! There will be no classes on Saturday because of the throwdown, and it will be at our kaysville location so we can have more heats go at a time!

We also have our schedule attached as well. We will stick as close to this as possible. We gave ourselves a little extra time between so we should be done by no later than 11:30. Gym will open up at 8 AM!

Team List Click Here

Halloween Throwdown Schedule Click Here

MONDAY 10.19.20

A. Power Snatch
*Drop and quickly reset

B. “Saw”
Alternating Pistol
*15 Min Cap