• We need new goals! Pick a movement you’d like to get before the open and start working on it!
  • The open is 1 week away! Sign up for the open!
  • You can take the Judges Course HERE. We will reimburse you for it! We will need help with judges!
  • This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day and all classes are FREE!
  • Our new “Legends” and “Beginner” Classes start this week! If you know anyone who is interested let them know!

Well gang you made it! It’s officially Deload week, which can only mean 1 thing. The open is almost here! This will be the last “normal” week for the next month or so. But the Friday Night Lights makes the open all worth it! So make sure you sign up for the open, you won’t regret it, it’s always a good time!

With it being Deload week, we want you guys to take care of yourselves. You won’t really see any barbells, or heavy lifts or anything like that. This week is all about trying to recharge your body a bit. If you have some buggy issues, like maybe your back is acting up, knees are bothering you, shoulders hurt or whatever. This is the week to take care of them. Do some extra mobility, mash out before or after the class, spend some extra time stretching etc.

The next 3 weeks will be more stressful than normal with the open going on so you need to take care of yourselves here. And before you say it won’t be stressful because you don’t care about the open. Watching multiple “how to” videos on youtube and thinking about the workout over and over again is stressing about it so just be honest with yourself. It will be more stressful than normal, but that just means we need to take care of ourselves a little more. An extra 10 minutes a day goes a long way for taking care of the body!

Also, this week begins our new classes. We have our beginners class, which is pretty much capped out with people. But, we also have our “Legends” class as well. For people who are 60+, who might be intimidated or worried about a normal class. This class is perfect for them. Lower intensity and more about keeping them healthy for day to day tasks. These classes are Mon, Wed, Fri at 12 pm. If you know someone who would benefit from these classes please tell them and have them come try them out!

The 28th was Tim Carter’s birthday and today is Karen Wilde’s birthday! If you see either of them wish them a happy one!

MONDAY 3.1.21

A. “Full Circle”
For time:
1500m Row
100 Double Unders
50 Calorie Bike
100 Double Unders
1500m Row
*30 Min Cap
1/29/18 Retest